2017 / 2018 BRAS Membership is now due!

BRAS Membership is now Due!

To RENEW your membership please go to – https://www.trybooking.com/RZHT

Please also check all of your details on the webpage and if anything requires change please Email the details to info@brasnetwork.com.au

For NEW MEMBERSHIPS please go to – https://www.brasnetwork.com.au/members-register-online
Once you have completed the on-line form, please review and ensure

  • You have all the information correct
  • You have selected the type of membership you would like for the next year
  • You have agreed to BRAS Policy in the box at the bottom.

Once you are happy with your application for membership, please click the Submit Registration Form and any verification process.  This will send the form to the Management Committee for processing and then also take you to the page to complete your payment for membership.

You must complete the payment for your membership in this last step, otherwise your membership is not valid

Please note: As of 1 November 2017 if your membership has not been paid you will be removed from the website and data-base, but we would prefer not to lose you.  :o)

The BRAS Management Team